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This site has been designed as a creative home away from home, online digs for work in progress, a place to play and a place to connect. Since bloggers blog at the pleasure of our readers, you wonder what life, change, and compost have in common. What kinds of things are you going to find on these pages?

The tags indicate gardening and aging as two main themes–but we’ll be unearthing much more mischief than that. And is compost a euphemism for all that is a pain-in-the-neck about growing old? Well, yes, sometimes it will be. And sometimes it will stand in for the real thing: the gardener’s mantra: Do Unto Your Dirt….because we all know that the best things in life are messy and well-cured.

I have a garden in Portland, Oregon. Since 1996 when I moved here with my husband and two dogs, my garden has been a backdrop for the parallel changes going on in my own life. And I’ve noticed one important thing: although I love to be out in my garden, my energy for it ebbs and flows. There is freedom in that.  I don’t have to get it all right. None of us needs to be pushed around by more things we have to do just so. None of us needs garden performance anxiety.

Now I see that my garden–more than sixteen years in the making–gradually became the backdrop against which I changed, slid into sixty, dipped my toes into new places, threw myself into volunteering, gave cancer the bird, conjured a new life.

In Portland I also took the time to write.  Portland is a city of books and writers, (plus great food, music, passionate environmentalism—but all that is for another chapter).

Those were the days before social media so the volume of personal essays I produced in 1998 was sold one at a time in bookstores and public readings. It was a blast doing those readings and connecting so personally with readers. You can read about it at this link on Book Designer.com. Be sure to check out the comments too because they say a lot about the current world of indie publishing.


Between the year I wrote my book and the present, publishing has become a whole new world with new opportunities and new challenges. But some things never change—writers connecting with readers.

That is what I want to do. When you subscribe–and I’m hoping you will!–my stories will come to you more or less monthly. A short newsletter will come out twice a year. Less pressure, more fun. What matters most for me is enjoying this experience and giving you, dear reader, some things to laugh about, cry about, ponder, and pass along. If you are interested in life, change, and the mess it all makes in the process, you won’t be disappointed.

Someday—just maybe—I’ll have enough material for a second book. If not, I’ll hone my writing chops.

While you are here, I invite you to check out the links to my previously published pieces on the web. If you like what you read, pass it on. It’s one of the very best things about Change: the world is new every day.

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P.S. I’d love your comments about this new venture. See all comments.

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