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“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”

Erma Bombeck

That is the way I felt when I started writing The Beet Goes On this past year. After the loss of my young cousin Jenny to ovarian cancer, and a year later, my little sister, Jill, it was as clear as could be: When what you have left is love…give it away. Something as simple as that, yet not always easy to do.

As I began to think about the stories I wanted to tell, a particular image kept coming to my mind: Detours. The detours we take over and over again in life, especially as we age. We move forward with our dreams, something stops us and we have to take a detour (in my case, healing twice from cancer), then we move forward again. But once I realized that everything was in the stories, it became easier to write. No “wisdom talking.” Just the stories. Quirky and hilarious, poignant and touching: everything is in the stories.

I’d like to share these stories with you. They are guaranteed to make you laugh and possibly give you one of those “good” cries….two of one and two of the other. Stories you won’t find anywhere else.

An emotional journey of the heart in one sitting and best of all: great for sharing.



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I can’t say enough about your your support as I work on my larger collection of essays. I hope you’ve noticed on the acknowledgments page of the book, that I’ve especially thanked all my blogging buddies for the encouragement to keep writing. From Amsterdam to New Zealand, from Australia to New Jersey and South Carolina….

Thank you all!

Remember: Leave a review on Amazon and win a gift copy of  The Beet Goes On.  Ten copies will be given away.

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    • Hi Soosie! Thanks for those good wishes. Do you want me to toss your hat in the “gift book” ring? You would be a dynamite reviewer if you were up to it! I so appreciate your getting a book, and please notice in the back where I talk about all of you, because you do mean so much!

  • Laurie Cruz

    Just ordered (2 copies!) and can’t wait till Friday when I can dig in.

    • Laurie! You doll, I’m so pleased. Thank you! I will mail you another copy to use as a gift for your mom (or friend) if you can write a review on the Amazon page. You are already a writer, so it should be easy. Please tell me (over email) what address I should use. ([email protected]) I’m not 100% sure I have your home address now. I’m so pleased you are part of this journey, this book…and then the larger collection I’m working so hard on now. I miss you….Morrison Street is changing. Mary & Dave’s property has been sold….hard to look over there with all leveled.

  • Wow Susan. You have been busy writing! Good luck with your book. I do hope that you know that I wasn’t referring to you when I wrote todays post about Blogging 201. I am well aware that you visit my blog and comment too. The people it applies to won’t even be reading my blog!

    • Thanks Gillian. I appreciate your note. I do know about your Blogging 201 course–terrific! My challenge is transitioning from writing all about gardening to a wider range, so I’ll probably lose some followers as that happens, and hopefully gain more as my books and writing expand out. Just wanted you to know that I appreciate you and have been/and will be continuing to follow! Thanks for your good wishes–marketing a book today is no easy task! But it’s fun when the book is such fun-:)


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