Seasons in a Portland Garden

Meyer Lemons in Winter

  Is there anything more exciting for a gardener than to harvest lemons in the middle of winter? I brought these in last week from the greenhouse and couldn’t resist photographing them to share. Aren’t they beauties? They are called Meyer Improved. The Improved part seems to be a thinner skin, more juice, more sweetness, Continue Reading »

The Garden is to the Gardener…

The Song is to the Singer and comes back most to him… –Walt Whitman from Song of Myself When you are a gardener, you must consider that friend and foe alike come daily to the gates of the city. The gardener must be vigilant and welcoming, but fearsome to strangers with uncertain appetites. Continue Reading…

Grace in the Garden has a new book!

When I read the paragraph below from Grace Peterson’s new book, I realized I’d stumbled onto a gardener who had the same desires I did: someone else who wanted the whole package. Grace’s book is funny and poignant, full of pure fancy and useful information. You’ll love it.   “I think one of the perks Continue Reading »