Teff: A love affair

By Ivy Entrekin editor’s note: Ivy is a frequent commenter on this site and I’m so pleased to introduce her to you now as a guest author. Ivy is a personal chef, caterer, and one of the iconic band of Portland’s “wait staff” who can tell you the provenance of your lunch. Her detailed biography Continue Reading »

Winter Solstice 2012: Jenny’s garden

This is my yearly ritual around the winter solstice. This is my honoring of the deepening season when I know that everything important is going on beneath the earth’s chilly crust. I trust that pact with the earth. And why not? In the sixteen years of my gardening life, life has always come roaring back each spring independent of me, my losses and gains.


Welcome Readers, Thanks so much for stopping by. This site has been designed as a creative home away from home, online digs for work in progress, a place to play and a place to connect. Since bloggers blog at the pleasure of our readers, you wonder what life, change, and compost have in common. What Continue Reading »