For Every Thing There is a Season….Blogcation!

  To Everything There is a Season…and a time to every Purpose: BLOGCATION!   Greetings to all in the New Year. Hopefully you had a peaceful and happy holiday with those you love best. It was great hearing from so many of you. Many thanks to Ginnie for this “Squash quoting Shakespeare” photograph, as my Continue Reading »

Getting to No: when yes doesn’t cut it

It’s about time I would say. Most people have had theirs for a while now. Some people have been trying like the devil to put a lid on theirs. But I had hit the age where I wanted one: a real honest-to-goodness do-not-give-me-any-shit No. I used to have one—but I lost it—and now it’s found. Continue Reading »

Marriage after retirement: Looking for a fight

  There was a time when leaving the corporate world to live differently was not at all straightforward for me. Some people would say—and they surely have a point—what, are you nuts? But I was someone who had always worked–starting as a kid giving guitar lessons–until we moved from Silicon Valley to Portland. With a Continue Reading »